Sunday, 12 November 2017

My new Wildlife albums page

Having had a tidy up of some of my photos I've (for now) completed sorting most of my wildlife pictures into albums on Google Photos.The above page links them all.

Doing this has made me want to travel more to photograph whales and Dolphins, Hummingbirds and other exotic species. Africa for a big game and wild bird safari, Costa Rica, Tobago for jungle and more hummingbirds, Dominican Republic and South Africa for whales. So we need to save up and hope we stay healthy enough to travel in our old age eh?

Very sad to see the hurricane devastation in parts of the Caribbean we visited last December, Dominica where we whale watched with an enthusiastic young dive school,  French Martinique for hummingbirds in the pouring rain, Guadeloupe for reef fish and giant lizards by the roadside in trees and The British Virgin Islands where we found a delightful tiny local park particularly spring to mind.