Monday, 30 October 2017

Hi all,

Having paused to update Colin's website at I've found time to finish off my tidy up of my own little place in the web at

I've created a number of wildlife collections from holidays and walks home and abroad. Lots more to do. I've not even started on domestic birds and flowers BUT they are in my walks albums as you well know. Sorry if I'm boring anyone.

Links to many Google Photo albums have been moved to relevant pages. Do remember that you can download photos from any of these if you wish or indeed add the albums to your own Google Photos collections, all free with gmail which is rather nice. These albums also show better on the multitude of screens that people have these days from smart phones to tablets to laptops and PC's, all with different shape and resolution screens! My web software is now obsolete and it is hard to keep up with all this technically! must be getting old. You can see why kids are being taught coding at school now eh?

Off to Norfolk for a day or so at Colin's including Trish's birthday, love to all


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